Submit a Case Study

To submit a new case study, send us an email and include the following information:

  1. A link to the original case study.  Note that the case study need not be super official or formal!  It could be as simple as a blog post.  See “Submission Guidance” below for more details.
  2. A half to one page summary(in the email body or a word document is fine) with key takeaways, to conform with the format as shown on these existing case studies:
  3. If you do include the summary, then the case study will likely be posted in 1-3 months. If you do not include the summary, then it will likely take 3-6 months or longer to get posted.
  4. Once the case study is published, we will email you to let you know.

Submission Guidance

  • We do not host the full case study documentation. We link to it. So, your full case study will need to exist somewhere on the internet where we can link to it in perpetuity. The format (PDF, html, blog post, etc.) is up to you — we’re flexible.
  • Because we are linking out to your case study on the public internet, the risk of publishing it publicly is on you. We assume you have the proper permissions, so be sure to secure those when necessary.
  • Alternatively, if the case study is mentioned in a book, tell us what book it is and what page number the case study starts on. We’ll see if we can make that work and get back to you.
  • The only reason we have rejected case studies so far is if the case study pushes/sells a product/tool or a particular Agile consulting firm too much. A little pushing/selling is ok, but too much might mean your submission gets rejected. If that is the case, we will let you know and give you a chance to modify your submission. Some examples that push a firm or tool a little but not too much are:
  • One thing we don’t care about at all, is whether you are certified or not certified, a trainer/coach or not a trainer/coach, vs. Scrum Alliance vs. no alliance or affiliation, etc. We judge case studies by the content of the case study, not the person’s credentials or experience level.

The curators of the site, Richard Hundhausen and Charles Bradley, reserve the right to reject submissions, even though we’ve only done this very rarely. We don’t intend to try to describe every exact instance for why we would reject a submission. However, if you conform with the above guidance, then your submission is very likely to get approved.

If you have a question about any of the above, send it to

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