Scrum and CMMI at Systematic

CMMI and Scrum (An Agile method) can be mixed successfully. Where CMMI would help in improving the process and Scrum would help in managing software projects and product. Systematic is one such company that implemented CMMI level 5 and Scrum and saw significant reduction in the extra work they had to do on the project. Furthermore they adopted Lean Software Development as an operational tool to identify improvement opportunities in a CMMI 5 company.

Key Takeaways:

  • The mixing of CMMI level 5 and Scrum provided better results compared to implementation of any one alone
  • Systematic experienced a reduction in rework by 42% (from 38%)  and 92% of all milestones delivered early or on time
  • Defense, aerospace, and other industries that require high maturity of processes, should carefully consider introducing Agile practices into the workplace
  • The criticism for CMMI can be viewed as poor implementation of the process.

Full Case Study:

3 Responses to Scrum and CMMI at Systematic

  1. abdelkader says:


    I would like to have access to the case study that tackles the combination of SCRUM and CMMI.

    Thank you;

  2. Richard says:

    I’ve updated the post with a new URL to the case study.

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