Marketing Scrum vs IT Scrum

As we know, Scrum is a good framework for IT / software development projects to learn, adapt to change and deliver great software of value, faster. We have even seen it being used in a manufacturing context (wikispeed). In this paper you will read about scrum being used in another department in the enterprise; marketing. You will see similar principles can be just as applicable if the product is not software.  There are differences but there are also a lot of similarities. We (Xebia) have successfully
implemented Scrum in the marketing departments of two large companies: The Dutch AAA and ING  Bank. Both companies are now using Scrum for the development of new campaigns; their full  commercial expressions and even at the product development level. They wanted a faster time to market, more ownership, and greater innovation.  How did we approach and realize a transition with these goals in the marketing environment? And what were the results?

Key Takeaways:

  • Having every discipline full time in a team (when you have over 14) is very hard if not impossible.
  • In a marketing domain it’s very common to manage on optimistic (sales) targets. This feeds a high-pressure
    working environment.
  • Everybody has targets in a marketing environment. Unfortunately at first that means you will have to
    deal with individual targets which conflict / contradict with team targets. Those targets are not easy to change
    to be shared.
  • With 14 silos / disciplines where teams are formed from there is a large periphery. That means that
    environment is (even) more important for a team and of course also coach managing.
  • We have to professionalize the way we do marketing.
  • We had to learn about lean start-ups, A-B testing and various other marketing implementations.

Full Case Study:

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  1. Elli says:

    I am really interested in this case study – is it still possible to access it? The link does not work.

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