Kaarten Carrousel

If you live in the Netherlands, and you’ve ever sent someone a (real) postcard through a website, chances are you did this indirectly through the platforms of Kaarten Carrousel. Kaarten Carrousel offer their platform to providers of (real) postcards (such as artists, creative companies) and supports them in their marketing. You may know them from well-known sites such as fuif.nl, hierbenik.nl and hippe-geboortekaartjes.nl and many others.

Considering that this is a rapidly growing market, inbound & outbound marketing are important activities. From writing blogs, to sending mailings, from organizing customer-events to the ongoing analysis and optimization of their websites and those of their customers.

This case study documents helping two marketing- & content-teams at Kaarten Carrousel get started with Scrum. At the time of the case study writing, the teams had broken through the 20th sprint-marker and moved into a larger, more spacious building, so this is a good opportunity to share how this came to be, what worked and what didn’t.

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