ING is a leading bank in the Netherlands offering banking, investments, life insurance and retirement products and services. ING is one of the largest Dutch IT employers and is part of the global ING Group, ranking no. 16 in the top 20 European Financial Institutions. Amir Arooni is CIO of the Solution Delivery Center for Channels at ING NL. His department facilitates and improves daily customer contact of millions of ING customers wth banking services via Internet, telephony, email and branch offices.

For reasons of competitiveness the delivery of IT services of his department needed fundamental improvements. A small project revealed that the existing, waterfall, working methods and organization structures of the channels delivery center were no longer viable. Driven by a clear sense or urgency ING turned on to the path of agility via Scrum.

Key Takeaways:

  • At all levels (management, stakeholders, teams) operations and infrastructure will be better involved.
  • A tighter connection to the business and a redirection of portfolio management towards business value will help the organization focus on effective cycle time.
  • To make agile sustainable in the large organization that ING is, governance and procedures will be reconceived to leverage the benefits of product development with Scrum.
  • The organization keeps orienting towards values like transparency, discipline, ownership, learning and continuous improvement.
  • People are encouraged to form and join communities for creating and sharing ideas, and good practices.

Full Case Study:

3 Responses to ING

  1. keen to learn the success story from companies apply agile.

  2. Ish Rahman says:

    please send me the case study

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