This case study is about introducing agile practices into Google (AWFE development team). AWFE is much more product management and release date driven then other Google applications. Google maintains startup culture which is very open and engineering-centric.

The introduction of agile practices to coordinate the AWFE development teams and made the process more efficient and predictable is discussed.

Initially the practice was introduced to two projects teams and it worked well. The team realized additional structure comes with very little overhead and fixes many of the issues that they had before.

Key Takeaways:

  • A release backlog and burndown charts. These two tools provide high visibility into the development progress for the project team, but also outsiders.
  • The release backlogs were stored in wiki pages which made it very easy for engineers to update them.
  • With some modifications, we could even keep the very strong role of tech leads and UI designers.
  • Frequent retrospectives became such an important part of software development which helps to improve the process through constant feedback.
  • Daily standup meetings resolved the issues earlier than at the end.
  • The color coding to the burndown charts to indicate how many tasks are
  • New/started/finished this made clear if velocity was high.
  • Introduction of spike helps to determine what the effort for the implementation would be.

Full Case Study:




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  1. Omid says:

    I would like to access the case study of Google. I didn’t see any .pdf of case study!!

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