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Study results showed that productivity gains were achieved at a sustainable pace with increased employee retention and enhanced ability to hire the best people in the software industry due to the high quality working environment provided by Scrum for developers.

IDX Systems (now GE Healthcare) hired Jeff Sutherland as senior VP of engineering and product development to extend Scrum to large-scale development.

It was the first approach at IDX to organize the entire development group into an interlocking set of Scrums. It was a team base approach, including two vice presidents, a senior architect, and several directors.

But there was problem in ensuring the quality of the Scrum process in each team, particularly when the entire organization had to learn Scrum all at once.

IDX’s Web Framework team built a web frontend infrastructure for all products. The infrastructure was designed to host all IDX applications, as well as seamlessly interoperate with end user or third party applications.

The geographic transparency of this model produced the same high performance as co-located teams and has become the signature of hyperproductive distributed/outsourced Scrums at Xebia in the Netherlands/India and Exigen Services in United States/Russia.

Key Takeaways:

  • The IDX Web Framework was first deployed in 1997
  • In 2007 it was selected as the core web technology for GE Healthcare systems
  • According to a research, IDX only achieved average productive gains of 240%
  • The budget of the IDX development organization was almost $50M per year
  • These teams were about 10% of the organization and achieved an average productivity increase of 666%.
  • The net productivity gain of all teams combined was 240%.


Full Case Study:

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