Concept Business Systems

Concept Engineering provides services ranging from consulting and advice through to the customised design, construction and implementation of software systems. Concept Engineering had already been working through its own implementation of Scrum but there were issues in some aspects of the delivery and a realisation that getting the entire company engaged was going to take a lot longer than anticipated.

So when Concept Engineering was asked by the Canterbury Development Corporation if it would like to participate in Scrum training through the Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment’s High Performance Working Initiative, it was as an ideal opportunity to address some of the issues they were having, as well as fast-track the engagement of both development teams and management staff.

Key Takeaways:

  • Far greater client engagement with everyone tuned in to the two-week sprint cycle
  • More flexibility in meeting the clients’ needs and transparency to work being done
  • Better estimation of time and resourcing required for projects
  • Ability for developers to work remotely (from Melbourne) within the team environment
  • Self-managing teams. Ability to identify problems and solve them
  • Instant visibility for management on work being done. It’s all on the Scrum board
  • Marked increase in throughput. More work being done than ever before

Full Case Study:

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