Ambit Energy

Executive Summary:

Ambit Energy’s unique selling model via direct distributors requires rapid development of valuable functionality.


Ambit Energy’s development teams relied on Microsoft Word and Excel spreadsheets to track projects at the Sprint level. To get rollup reports, it took four hours every week, and that was only 90 percent accurate. Because defects were tracked in spreadsheets on local hard-drives and thus unknown, Ambit often didn’t work defects into our iterations, so there were heroic efforts at the end to meet our expected timelines. With each project there was a degree of skepticism around estimates and ability to commit to timelines.


A year into Ambit’s Agile transformation, Ambit began researching ALM solutions to manage the work and to provide reliable data on projects. Ambit developed a list of 20 requirements, and brought in both Rally and Version One.

Rally’s ability to scale, support for regression testing and comprehensive product roadmap led to its selection. Ambit now has revision reporting in Rally. Previously, business coordinators would update requirements without sharing this across the teams, impacting resource tracking and optimization as well as reporting. Ambit reflects on the change with Rally.

Previously, teams would spend most of their Scrum meetings providing updates, however, with Rally, the updates are kept in the system, allowing the teams to focus on the project work. Rally is very flexible, we use it to map TFS state to Rally state. If a tester finds a defect, the submitted state then gets transferred to Rally as a work item. This is one-directional, so there’s no potential for contention. Once the state is updated via TFS, Rally is updated, and data is bi-directional between systems.”

Key Takeaways

  • Rally gives us visibility into the work, but perhaps more importantly, provides a trusted source for planning and decision-making.
  • Accurate project work estimates
  • Trustworthy data leads to better informed decisions
  • Faster, and more useful  releases to independent sales distributors

Full Case Study:

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