Business Analysts in Scrum

Executive Summary:

There is no Business Analyst role in Scrum. You’re either the Scrum Master, the Product Owner, or part of the Scrum Team. The role of a business analyst changes in the Scrum projects. They either play a role of product owner or work as a Dev Team member by engaging them in a broader range of activities to pick up new skills, broaden one’s expertise and look into new areas and help peers groom the product backlog.

A scrum project had a full time BA as a resource to the team. The project was to create a mobile interface for a cut-down set of the functionality available through the client’s current website.

The role of a BA in this was as following:

  • As a Product Owner- Research for writing user stories, by checking on the current functioning of the system and trying to make changes where ever possible for improvement.
  • As a Dev Team member- Coordinating with all the departments by getting wording signed off by the other business units, getting an approval and helping write and QA’ing test cases. Having a BA in the team would be like, not having to worry about all the hard-to-find system descriptions and documents which can be a tedious work all by itself.

Key Takeaways:

  • BA’s role changes in Scrum. They either play a role of a “Product Owner” or as a “Dev Team Member”.
  • They can help in cooperation between different business units and handle all the tedious documentations.

Full Case Study:


4 Responses to Business Analysts in Scrum

  1. David Posey says:

    Two problems.

    First, the Executive Summary seems to explain that in this case, they shoe-horned a BA into both Product Owner and DevTeam Member. There are lots of reasons why that’s usually a bad idea, and there’s no explanation of why they did it (had a spare BA around), or how they made it work.

    Second, the Full Case Study URL points to the Intel case study ( )

    • Richard says:

      I agree. I think BAs should be (1) a Developer – if they realize that they will be doing lots of non-BA tasks, (2) a stakeholder that helps the PO and Development Team build an awesome product, or (3) the Product Owner – assuming that they are the best choice.

      Thanks for the heads-up on the broken URL. We’ll get it chased down.

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